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A WILD Supporter

A WILD Supporter is a monthly donation program that allows you to support our mission on a monthly basis.  At WILD Canine Rescue, we believe that every dog is worth saving, no matter the time or effort needed for their rehabilitation. This program sustains our ability to save these animals, giving a voice to the voiceless.  Your donation, no matter the amount, helps us save lives!

When you sign up to become a WILD Supporter you automatically belong to our Guardian of Life Fund too and we will email you updates on our special pups who are in need of special veterinary care.

Your donation:

$10 per month DONATION PAYS for heartworm and flea preventatives to treat one dog

$30 per month DONATION PAYS TO feed one dog

$50 per month DONATION PAYS TO  spay/neuter one dog

$100 per month DONATION PAYS FOR transport to rescue dogs from a kill shelter