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Guardians of Love


Guardians of Love

By donating to WILD'S Emergency veterinary fund, you are joining our special team to help us provide the much needed medical assistance to a pup who is in an emergency need of veterinary treatment to survive.   When you donate to Guardians of Love Fund, you will be kept up to date on the progress, status of the special pup from intake to adoption.  

WILD investigates animal cruelty and neglect reports and in some cases we will find a dog who needs our immediate attention for medical assistance.  This is when our Guardians of Love are called upon.

Some of the dogs found in high kill shelters will need treatment from mange, heartworm disease, or treatment of malnutrition. These are good dogs and with your "angel wings" we can help them become the pet they deserve to be and find the perfect home to be loved in.

By donating to the Guardians of Love fund for a special pup you are joining that pup’s Guardian team and will help us provide the much needed medical assistance.  The Guardian team will receive monthly updates on the pup through adoption via email.  Please help out these animals in need by becoming a virtual Guardian.  Please read about the current animal that needs a second chance below.

Meet the Special One that need Your Help

Meet Annie


Annie was found in the woods by hikers with a gunshot in the face and chest.  

Going to Surgery


Sweet Annie did lose an eye but is resting well

Healing up great


Recovering well in foster care and dreaming of a forever home.

Annie is ready to meet prospective adopters!


We are officially searching for a great place for her to call home as of October 10, 2017!!!  She will is heartworm positive and WILD will be making arrangement for her to treatment but we wanted to make sure she was fully rehabilitated from her accident.  Thank you for all our supporters through Annie's recovery. You can still join our Guardians of Love Program to support Annie!

Read About the Guardians of Love Dogs You have Saved So Far

Barbie now Arie


This young girl, Barbie, was found like this in a field by our humane investigators in the later of June 2017.  WILD reached out to our special Guardians of Love for support for her surgery to mend her wound on her face and treat infection.  She also tested positive for heartworm. 

Arie ill have her hw treatment in August when she is stronger and her face is on the road to recovery.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

We are WILD about her!

 Her wound which was a result of someone wrapping barbed wire around her face, is not looking great right now but we will work to get her back to normal! Arie was adopted late summer 2017!  

Trapped dog in Christian County


This handsome guy was finally caught in a live trap in Christian County. One of our Board members had been working with the couple tracking him. They knew he was injured and needed medical care asap. When they went to the trap this morning it was gone. The injured dog was in the trap and was barking. Thankfully a Christian Co Deputy took the pup trap and all to Christian Co Animal Control. He was needed a leg amputation and our Guardians helped with the $700 veterinary bill.