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Together we can make things better!

We want to work with our community and help them with their pet needs.  We started our Home to Home Program to assist those who are in a crisis situation.  We help victims of domestic violence, hospitalized patients without options, with foster homes, temporary housing and other assistance.  However, sometimes rehoming is simply the best option because of what the family is going through.  We want to keep our community's pets out of the shelters by helping owners rehome their pets safely.  

If rehoming is your only option, we want to help you, Our Home to Home Program has been very successful in keeping dogs out of the shelter and placed in good, loving and caring homes.  WILD volunteers will place your dogs photo and bio on all our social media and our website.  We will also post your dog on over 50 national rescue websites.  Also, all adoption applications will be screened and we will set up the best match or matches for your pet.  The adoption fee of $100 will be paid by the new owner and it will be a donation to WILD.  All paperwork to rehome your pet is provided by WILD Canine Rescue.

The Home to Home Program will keep dogs out of the shelter and prevent healthy dogs from being euthanized.  Together, we can make things Better!

application for Assistance with WILd's home to home program