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Adopting a Dog from WILD


Why should you consider adopting a dog in Springfield, Illinois from WILD Canine Rescue?

Wild Canine Rescue is devoted to saving dogs in need. We are dedicated to proper care and welfare of dogs who are homeless, abandoned and abused. WILD will rescue dogs when they have run out of time in shelters or are in need of medical treatment. Many of our dogs live in volunteer foster homes, learning the basics of living in a home and receiving any veterinary treatment they may require. Alongside these efforts, WILD will also operate a rescue in Springfield IL, Mr. Lincolns Hometown–taking a limited number of dogs, who may by no choice of their own, have lost their home. WILD will also provide emergency relief for dogs that have been misplaced due to natural disasters.

Our Adoption Standards

When WILD evaluates whether or not a potential adopter is a good match for one of our dogs, these are some of the standard things that we look for:

  • Current pet(s) are up to date on vaccinations and are spayed/neutered
  • Current and previous pets are on heartworm preventative
  • Everyone in the home is in agreement about adopting a new pet
  • Pets are not left outdoors unattended
  • No previous pets have been surrendered without good reason

Other things we will look for with regard to the specific dog applied for:

  • Is the home’s activity level right for the dog’s personality?
  • Is the home environment safe for the dog in question?
  • Will the dog get along other members of the household (children and/or other pets).
  • Each dog has a different personality and comes with its own unique requirements, so we do our best to make sure that the dog is going to the most ideal home for it’s individual needs.

Our Adoption Process and Application

Step 1:  Submit application processing fee of $15. (online or mail check)  Once that is received we will review your application.  If approved to adopt a dog, you will be credited $15 towards the adoption fee.Complete the adoption application by clicking the button below.

Step 2:  A volunteer representative from WILD will contact you regarding your adoption application after obtaining the $15 application fee and explain the adoption process in detail. We do extensive personal and vet reference checks.  Our animals have had a rough life up until now, and we want to be sure that the rest of it will be smooth sailing.

Step 3:  We  will process your adoption application and stay in touch with you during each phase. Due to the number of applications some dogs may receive, it may take up to three days for you to hear back from one our volunteers.   

Step 4:  If all vet references and personal references meet WILD's guidelines and criteria, and our WILD volunteer feels like your home is a good match for the adoptable dog, then you will be contacted to arrange atime to do a meet and greet and try a home trial.  Home trials last 24-48 hours to see if your home is the best fit for the dog.  After the allotted time, you decide to adopt the dog, the final adoption fee can be paid by online with credit card, mail a check or cash; and you will be emailed the adoption forms to sign.  

Again, WILD is ran by Volunteers who all have full time jobs, please be patient as we go through applications, and through the adoption process!

Adoption Fees


Adoption Fees

Our adoption fees help to offset the cost of evaluation, housing, feeding and veterinary care for the animals that need our help. We do our best to keep our adoption prices reasonable while generating income to support our goal of caring for animals available for adoption until we can place them in a loving home.

The adoption fee for each animal varies and is dependent on many factors including: age, size, behavior, medical condition and public demand.


Please note that our facility shelter does not house our adoptable dogs and that they are in individual foster homes. Therefore, we do not allow “walk-ins” at the shelter. If you would like to meet one of our animals, please fill out an adoption application.

Our Adoptable Dogs

Adoption Payment

Are you an APPROVED ADOPTER who has found your new family member? 

If you have completed the adoption process and were approved and Met your perfect match,  please pay your adoption fee below.  Thanks for adopting!

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